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Founded in 1999 in Lebanon. Enhancing the agriculture sector from the day we start

FRESH PRODUCTS were founded by Ahmad Mostafa Khodr in 1999 in Lebanon.

Ahmad Mostafa Khodr had started to work in the agricultural business in 1996. He had been drawn to the idea of challenging himself to enhance the agricultural sector in Lebanon starting by planting phase till the distribution phase and these processes happen by following local and European standards and conditions.

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Production cycle

Agriculture constitutes the main activity in the company, Fresh Products runs a dynamic agronomy department with expertise engineers in agriculture activities.

The success of the crop starts from the land operation which is related to machinery, planting, and harvesting process.


Agriculture Machinery


Planting Process


Harvesting Process

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710 HA

Total Agricultural Area


Carrots 500HA


Potatoes 60HA


Onions 40HA

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Fresh Products Co delivers high-quality vegetables specifically carrots as it is the principal product by using advanced technology methods subjected to periodic laboratory tests.

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Our facilities

Our facilities are distributed in two regions in Lebanon Akkar and Bekaa and are equipped with the most advanced technology processing line and cold storing systems which guarantee the highest quality of products.

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Carrots processing line (14 Ton/H).

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Atmosphere cold store (600 Ton)

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Carrots packaging line (10 Ton/H).

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Water treatment plant.

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Hydro coolers

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Solar system (500 Kw/y).

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Cold stores (4000 Ton).

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Our team

Our team of expert engineers in agriculture ensures that each product is farmed to perfection and is grown into the finest product.

Production Volume

Fresh Products starts the packaging operation in the factories in two different periods, it happens in Akkar from mid-January till June and in Bekaa from June till December which covers the market needs with around 32000 tons of carrots yearly basis.

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